VoIP Phone Systems

Increase Productivity & Save Money with VoIP

OnSite-Techs can help you enable your business to implement a VoIP phone system to replace old costly PBX phone systems. Often our customers tell us that the labor costs and costs of running their phone system are going through the roof. We can implement new systems, manage gateway devices, software and hardware as well as trouble shoot existing VoIP phone systems.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is a method of taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

How Can VoIP Help Businesses

VoIP phone systems can turn a standard Internet connection into a more cost effective solution for your business telephone needs including unlimited extensions, faxing capabilities if needed and excellent reporting features. VoIP is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to completely rework the world’s phone systems.

Passing the Savings on to You

OnSite-Techs has relationships with the top three VoIP providers and access to the best pricing. Our buying power allows our customers to sometimes save thousands of dollars on equipment purchases. No mark-ups are added to the equipment we procure, so the savings is passed directly on to our customers.

OnSite-Techs Provides a One Stop Solution

Today both voice and data travels through the internet. OnSite-Techs has the experience in managing Internet Protocol (IP) and Voice over IP (VoIP). Other computer service companies have no knowledge of telephone systems. OnSite-Techs keeps ahead of the technology curve and has been involved in the worlds of both telephone and computers for over a decade. We have deep understanding of these technologies, and can easily bring them to you. OnSite-Techs is your clear solution to getting rid of your PBX phone system. Not only will we use our relationships with the top three VoIP companies to get you the best price on the equipment, we’ll install your new system, and also take over its management. It’s as easy as that.

How Can We Help You?

Contact OnSite-Techs today and learn how our VoIP solutions can deliver business advantages such as increased productivity, cost savings, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery.