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Implementing Solutions, Saving Time & Money

OnSite-Techs which is based in Central Florida, is an Information Technology (IT) consulting company providing IT technical services, solutions, and hands-on, in-house technical support.

Since 2005, our team of IT experts have been serving small to large organizations and select residential service needs for customers remotely throughout the United States and onsite within the State of Florida. We have had experience with: medical, renewable energy, industrial, corporate, and manufacturing customers.

Meet The Team

Chris Long is the President and Owner of Onsite Techs LLC in Central Florida. Chris has more than 15 years experience in the IT field. He officially started as part of a small start-up help desk support team in Baltimore Maryland, then moved up to work with the largest privately owned Government contractor at the time, Orkand out of Northern Virginia. For Orkand he was a contractor working for NIH (National Institutes of Health) in Bethesda Maryland. He then accepted a Federal position to work as an Senior IT Engineer, working directly for NIH in the Office of the Director along with the Office of Budget at NIH. After leaving NIH Mr. Long’s skills and passion for the IT industry grew as he went into mid-level management for privately owned IT companies working and managing teams of engineers for desktop support, infrastructure and server support. Through his experience, Chris is able to see the technology challenges and the solutions important to not just the executives, but their staff and customers as well.

VP Engineering & Sales position vacant

Tamera Rhode leads operations to the field and head office with responsibility for day-to-day operations, billing, and client support. Offering more than 20 yrs. extensive experience in the medical and renewable energy sectors of business development for success. Professional growth within these specific industries has provided Tamera a deep appreciation for the advancement of technology to improve the quality of life for our community’s health of body and planet.

Our Hands-On Services

Passing the Savings on to You

OnSite-Techs has relationships with Dell, HP, Toshiba, IBM, Sonicwall, Cisco and the top three VoIP providers. Our buying power allows our customers to sometimes save thousands of dollars on equipment purchases. No mark-ups are added to the equipment we procure, so the savings is passed directly on to our customers.

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Let the IT experts at OnSite-Techs handle your company’s computer and phone technical services for you. Our services practically pay for themselves in time savings and the implementation of solutions that your business needs. Contact us today!