LogMeIn Remote Access

Remote and secure access for your systems

OnSite-Techs can remotely manage your computers, files, and applications from our offices.

We can help solve your problems, automate IT tasks and remotely manage your systems.  Whether you need:

Secure System Management

Finding ways to make your IT issues more manageable, affordable and effortless is what OnSite-Techs brings to the table.  Utilizing LogMeIn software, we are able to securely access, support and manages devices anytime, anywhere. Remote access to your systems helps us be more productive, more proactive and spend your IT dollars more wisely.

Simple Remote Access

Do you have employees that work from home? Travel frequently? Or, maybe your executives need to have access to your network from anywhere in the world 24/7. OnSite-Techs can make that a reality, easily and affordably. We have multiple solutions for remote access either through remote software or configuring VPN access into the network.

To download the client LogMeIn Access Software so we can remote to your computers and servers etc., click the button below: